FAQ - The Answers to all your sweet questions and then some

-How does the taste cube works? Are players supposed to lick on the cubes?

-The cubes contains small taste pastilles. You open the cube and a pastille will come out. When you run out of pastilles we send more for free.

-What is the best age when it comes to playing?

-We have played with people age 3 to 92. We’re sure older people can play too.

-How does smell work?

-The cubes with an orange side are the scent cubes. It’s classic scratch and sniff stickers. Scratch the sticker and smell it. Each sticker lasts for six months. You get plenty of extra stickers, so you can play for many years. When you run out of stickers we will send more for free.

-In the manual it says “Rules are meant to be broken”. That sounds great. But how can I break them?

-You can play Konario in many different ways. We don’t really care how you play as long as you have fun playing. You can play with all cubes or just a few pairs. You can play with only some of the senses and you can decide to have the colored side up or down. Or mix it up, so that one cube in each pair has the colored side up. That’s just a few examples on changing the way you play Konario.